손목형 PDA 네비게이션
모델명 : ZYPAD WL1000

- Wi-Fi, 블루투스를 이용한 무선기능 이용.
- 운영체제 : WindowCE 5.0, 리눅스 기본으로한 커널 2.6이용
- 액정 : 3.5인치 QVGA(240*320)의 TFT 터치 스크린
- 램 : 64ram (이후에 확장 가능)
- SD 슬롯과 블루투스 무선랜 지원.
- 통합 GPS 수신기와 안테나 장착
- 배터리는 약 8시간 사용 가능.

(이하 원문)

Parvus displayed the new ZYPAD WL 1000 wrist wearable wireless computer at the Armed Forces Communication Electronics Association’s 2006 TechNet International Conference held today in Washington D.C.

The ZYPAD™ WL 1000 is a wrist-wearable wireless computer flexibly designed to give the user instant access to computing capabilities while carrying out non-computer tasks in the field. Featuring hands-free operation, robust wireless capabilities, and built-in GPS tracking, this versatile wearable computer serves as an ideal tool for Emergency Search and Rescue, Healthcare, Homeland Security, Maintenance, Law Enforcement, Logistics, Transportation, and Defense applications.

The WL 1000 integrates features of a standard computer along with the convenience and ergonomics of being wrist worn. This hands-free, innovative design ensures an ideal weight distribution and maximum comfort even over clothing.

The wireless functionalities of the WL 1000 ensure continuous connectivity no matter the location of the user, by utilizing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS capabilities. Using Linux or Windows CE operating systems, the unit can be quickly configured to access any remote host system through integrated wired or wireless interfaces.

Integrating a tilt and dead reckoning system, the WL 1000 can be used to determine if a user is motionless or fallen down and then transmit a locator beacon after a specified amount of time. This technology is also used to conserve power consumption by placing the unit in standby mode when the user’s arm hangs down beside the body (patent-pending). This enhanced power management functionality enables the user to continuously interface with the unit up to more than 8 hours without interruption, depending on usage.

Product Features

Operating System: Standard platform supports Windows CE 5.0 or LINUX based on Kernel 2.6
Display: 3.5″ TFT touchscreen automatic contrast adjustment via ambient light sensor
Wireless: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
GPS: Integrated GPS receiver and antenna
Audio: Stereo speakers and headphone jack for external headset to support multimedia applications
Battery Life: Average 8+ hours of operations, depending on use
Expandability: Mini Secure Digital memory slot and USB (Master & Device) ports
Accelerometer: Tilt and Dead Reckoning System allows to determine whether or not the user is moving (GPS supplies the position)
Keyboard: 11 keys - Backlit
Ergonomic Design: Designed to comfortably fit the user’s wrist, under or over clothes, for hands free operations
Pen Device: Integrated stylus connected to the strap

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